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The latest

Wanted to thank everyone that gave me feedback on my short story, Home. I submitted an updated/edited version to the Maricopa Community Colleges Creative Writing contest and won an Honorable Mention Winner in the Fiction category. It will be published as part of an annual publication the contest puts out.

In other news, got done a round of epidural steroid shots on my cervical vertebrae. I have some other interventions lined up for shoulder muscle tension and an arthritic lumbar, so stay t00ned for that excitement.

I joined a nearby gym as part of the Wellness Program at my job and have been working on strength training and stretching with a personal trainer. I am also looking into non-inflammatory diets. OMG, I lost five pounds in the last month just eating healthier. Nothing motivates like PAIN.

I got my new orthopedic recliner finally. It's a good chair, but I still have issues that mean I can't sit all day like I used to. I think having to move around more just for comfort reasons contributed to the weight loss.

Finished the second draft of my novel despite my sitting issues, just by letting is SUCK all it wanted to. I needed to move seriously to working on the plot before I spilled any more pixels on the words.

Happy Birthday, crimsonsenya!!

Happy Birthday, lakrids404!!


Jan. 24th, 2015 10:37 pm (UTC)
Cool! Congratulations on the publication!

I hope the shots help! My dad had those and they did.
Jan. 25th, 2015 03:42 pm (UTC)
I have had three separate sessions for the shots, and the Monday following the nurse always calls to see if my neck feels better, and by then upper shoulder tension is setting in. It's a separate issue, but it always confounds how good my neck feels, so even though the shots are helping, I still bitterly bitch to the nurses. Hope to have this better sorted out after the shoulders get worked on.