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Reading Thursday

What I just got done reading: Fluency, by Jennifer Foehner Wells. Finished. Wasn't into it.

What I'm reading now: Paradox: Stories Inspired by the Fermi Paradox, by various authors.

The Fermi Paradox, ICYDK, coined by physicist Enrico Fermi, is simply the question, "If there is intelligent alien life in the universe, why haven't we seen any evidence of them?"(Yes, I know, I am reading stories that might have aliens in them. "Might" and/or "indirectly" is why.) Various sci-fi universes have offered different answers to this question. Star Trek, famously, has the Prime Directive which, among other things, prohibits contact with planets that have yet to develop interstellar flight. Other stories have answered, "They're too far away/they're too few and far between/they're aliens, they don't communicate the way we do/they're already here, just hiding/they all died out long ago", etc. etc.

The short stories in this anthology offer various answers to the query. The most amusing so far implies we forget the visiting aliens as soon as we see them. Alien brain technology, doncha know.

What I'll likely be reading next: Stephen Baxter's Proxima was just released. He is said to be the "heir" to Arthur C. Clarke, and co-authored books with Clarke before his death. I also think Baxter has permission to write in Clarke's story universes now. This novel does not take place in any Clarkian storyverse.