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Grimm predictions

Grimm Season 4 has started out pretty well. I enjoyed seasons 2-3 as well, but my enthusiasm for the show was cemented at the end of season 3 with the introduction of the character, Trubel. There's a shocker. She's a character tailor-made for me: the emotionally screwed-up brunette tomboy tough-girl.

I am not in Grimm fandom (in fact, I know of only one member of my flist who even watches the show besides me), but I suspect that right about now, there are a lot of grumblings about Trubel being the Scrappy-Do/Dawn Summers of the show--a young character introduced to inject "new blood," but really just an annoying hanger-on/wanna be.

I suspect, though, that the show this season might introduce a good grimm/bad grimm scenario--you know, once Nick gets his powers back. The royals will find out about Trubel (not hard, now that she's on the police/FBI radar), and attempt to recruit her. She'll kill the deputy mayor of Sunnydale, then have a falling out with Nick and/or just be naive enough to fall for the royals' crap. Then they'll pit the two grimms against each other.

Hopefully not. I like her as the enthusiastic protege who is finally finding a purpose in life/self-confidence, but I know how these things go in TV land.



Oct. 26th, 2014 09:22 pm (UTC)
Sigh. So predictable. Maybe they'll surprise us.