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Wednesday reading meme

Just finished:

Skin Game, Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files)

I enjoyed this book well enough, although not as much as some of my flisties. I think I am a little Butchered out at the moment, and a bit weary with the whole Winter Knight story line. I get that it breathed new life into an long-standing series, but Butcher is never in any hurry to bring things to a head, and I wish he would. I suppose that's his publisher's doing. For example, the Winter Lady thing with Molly. I was a bit disappointed with the climax of the story featuring Butters because I had convinced myself that, since the climax took place at the Carpenters' house, it would be Molly who'd be forced to swoop in and save the day, thereby having to "out" her fate to her parents. But I guess that's a plot line for a whole different book. Butcher obviously has a whole line up of future story lines. I wonder if he's tired of the Dresden Files.

Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson

I read this book about ten years ago, and it's amazing what you forget, or how the same material effects you in different ways when you have become yourself a different person. Robinson's Mars trilogy are books of staggering scope. They cover decades of time, dance between science, engineering, philosophy, sociology, politics, and spirituality. The books are divided into four or five sections. The story advances in each section through a different point of view character. One of Robinsons' favorite tropes is to have his characters hit the road--either for business, exploration, or on "walk-abouts" (in rovers). This allows him to wax on for pages about the geology and meteorology of Mars, which he is intimately and exhaustively in love with.

His characters are entirely three-dimensional and intriguing as well, and so you keep turning pages even as you begin to tire of another description of a valley, mountain, or crater.

Worth reading if you're willing to take the mountains with the moholes.

Reading now:

Green Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson

What's next:

Cibola Burn, James S.A. Corey (The Expanse)



Jun. 4th, 2014 11:15 pm (UTC)
LOL, that would be funny (and sad) if it's true.