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Check in

I realized May is half over and I have not updated my LJ. I'm around, I read my flist every day and respond to stuff that catches my eye. Work is still busy, and my novel second draft is progressing, and there's not a lot of variation in that schedule that's post-worthy. Plus, I'm just plain exhausted.

I am glad the regular television season is wrapping up, I was watching about a dozen shows and keeping pace with that is a source of aforementioned exhaustion. More or less liked OUAT's third season (season two is my favorite so far, I think), and enjoyed Grimm as well, especially the new recurring character, Trubel, who is many kinds of awesome. She could have walked off the pages of one of my own stories. I always have a screwed-up brunette tough-girl.

Things to look forward to for the summer: fresh cherries, Orange is the New Black s. 2, the new Dresden Files, and my trip to Seattle/Vancouver, BC at the end of June/beginning of July. Beyond that, I plan on hibernating with my writing. Summers have always, generally speaking, been just a stretch of time for me to endure.