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January talking meme

I was a bit slow on the uptake in December, what with it being December and all. Plus I am not at all sure anyone wants to read my ramblings. But if you are so inclined, pick a date below and give me a topic. It can be anything from fandom, life, the universe, or everything. The more specific the topic, the more likely I'll be to think of something to say. ; )

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags.

January 01: How do you cope with living in a state filled mostly with Republicans? (chaos_by_design)
January 02:
January 03:
January 04:
January 05: Connor (angel the series) arc vs. Henry (ouat)arc (shadowkat67)
January 06:
January 07:
January 08:
January 09:
January 10: Once Upon a Time! Maybe talk about Snow White. (astrogirl2)
January 11: What band that you enjoyed in your youth has held up the best today, to you, and doesn't sound dated? (ann1962)
January 12:
January 13:
January 14:
January 15:
January 16:
January 17:
January 18: How did you come to start ATPOB? (rahirah)
January 19:
January 20:
January 21: what draws you to the urban fantasy type of storylines (cornerofmadness)
January 22:
January 23: If you were asked to write a series of novels with the same central characters, what qualities do you think a protagonist's significant other should have and why? Should they be faithful, duplicitous, honest, suspicious, helpful, boring, good listeners...? (cactuswatcher)
January 24:
January 25:
January 26:
January 27:
January 28:
January 29: Choose 2 Joss-verse characters who've died. One that you believe was handled very well and one that you think... wasn't…. How were they handled differently and why do you feel one worked and the other just didn't? (harsens_rob)
January 30:
January 31:
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