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DraftTwoWriMo Day 27

I dumped the word count today. Actually, I backed up my record of it, then erased it from the spreadsheet where I was keeping track. I have been slipping further and further behind in it (even though I'm over the 50K Nano expects in thirty days), but the slippage isn't from not working hard, it's just from having to stop and think and plan and struggle with ideas and words.

In other words, it wasn't serving me to obsess over it. It's kind of less fun, working without my reward system (wee! Word count, going up!), but also liberating because I don't feel this pressure to rush through things. The plan now is to finish out the thirty days, take a week's break, then start back in in November, still sans word count, so not technically Nano, but certainly taking advantage of the Nano spirit.

I will judge my progress by how many scenes I've completed, or partially completed. I'm in the thick of writing the action for each chapter now, so go me.