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All the Masq News that's fit to print

(1) Took the Sculptor down to the Arizona wine country for her birthday. Yes, Arizona has a wine country, and makes the wine thereof, and it's not half bad. We bought several bottles during our trek (all red, butofcourseisthereanotherkind), one of which tastes like drinking chocolate (without actually containing chocolate, mind you). Fun was had. No limbs were lost.

(2) Rounded day 21 of my Second Draft WriMo this AM. Hit 50K on day... 18 or 19, I forget. No matter, most of the scenes aren't done. Took the weekend off from it and jumped back in today.

(3) My cholesterol level has been steadily rising in the past year for no good sane reason. My diet hasn't changed, and is healthy, all things considered. My mom informed me the same thing happened to my dad, and it's genetic. My brother has been on meds for it for ten years now. Okay, so fine. I went on generic Lipitor shortly after I returned from my vacation and Have Not Been Able to Lose A Pound of vacation fat. I just wiggle back and forth between Unmentionable Weight A and Unmentionable Weight A+1. Up down, up down. It's kind of a bad joke.

(4) Considering using this LJ to post some poetry and original short fic. Looking to eventually get it into shape for submission and/or posting on my writing website. Yes, I have a writing website. But I'm not fond of the design and am currently working on moving it over to WordPress and overhauling the design.
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