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DraftTwoWriMo Day 11

Day 10: I think I figured out how I can write the same amount in two to three hours on a week day as I can with five plus hours on a weekend day. I just write like a crazed madwoman on week day mornings, without trying to organize the bits relative to the rest of the scene, or judge whether they fit into the scene at all. And say what you want about the benefits of unfettered creative output--letting the right brain do its thing. There are limits to that where you can cross the line into unproductive chaos.

And this is a second draft, not a first. I have an outline. Admittedly, there are some holes in that outline that could use a good dose of creativity. But only some.

Day 11: I didn't get as much writing done this morning since I actually slept in a little. I don't want to complain about that. Since I had less time and was not going to make any word count goal, I decided to use what time I had to get more organized. Trying to cram 2,667 words into a morning meant I was losing track of what I'd finished and what I had left to do.