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DraftTwoWriMo, Day 5

Officially, I am at 13,416 words, although see re: relative meaninglessness of word count in other DraftTwoWriMo entries. In the past five days, I have fallen into a pattern of working almost exclusively on the dialogue portions of each scene, since dialogue is one of my strengths (go figure, since I'm a mute introvert in real life) and dialogue forms a "skeleton" of most scenes for me, upon which I hang all the other elements of scene - action, description, introspection.

When I try to bite off more than that, I start getting iffy about what I'm writing: is this how I want this scene to go? Sometimes, the answer is "Yes." Sometimes I'm not sure. So I'll back off and do the dialogue first and get a sense of each scene, and then start expanding on that.