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Grrr, Argh

All I want to know is, how can there be all these icon posts for the last two episodes of OUAT season 2 and NONE of them contain a single icon of Baby Baelfire? I mean, the episodes were about him. Am I wrong?

As usual, I have to do it myself. I claim no talent at icon-making (hint, hint internet artistes). Also, since there were no good ActionPirate!Baelfire screenshots online (they are all blurry, kid's quick), I had to do that myself, too.

 photo lostboy_zps0e09fca4.jpg

 photo pirateslife_zps50d9725d.jpg

 photo pirateslife_zps8604e7f9.gif

 photo portstarboard_zps53a85d29.png

 photo portstarboard_zps09f19561.gif

 photo baehook_zpsa4887254.jpg

 photo pirateslife3_zpsd957f8c9.jpg

 photo baehook2_zps0437f0c0.jpg

 photo ssttr_zps389978a5.jpg

 photo ssttr2_zpseaf9a1b2.jpg

 photo lostboy3_zps7575979e.jpg

 photo lostboy2_zps169ab9f6.jpg

And 'cause I just had to do it:

 photo jollyroger_zpsa004875f.gif

Previous Baby!Bae icon post: http://masqthephlsphr.livejournal.com/938712.html

Note: animated gifs are probably too big for LJ/DW. Sorry.
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