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Expect the unexpected

Okay, that was a weird twist.

I do have to say I'm glad the OUAT writers are not going for monolithic obsessive anti-magic group story line ('cause, SFF cliche). Instead, there is a magical creature behind what is probably an earnestly obsessive anti-magic group, stirring machinations, we know not what. AND that creature is Peter Pan, who is not Baelfire, nor his son, but knew about Henry's existence 100 years before the kid was born.... That is not what I was expecting.

Which OUAT seems to deliver, rather predictably.

Regina, Hook, and Rumplestiltskin all suddenly behaving themselves and feeling remorse and/or being all heroic was a bit of a stretch. An outside threat will often incite such changes, but there was nothing so pressing that any of those three *had* to be Good Guys overnight. I expect the road to redemption will be more rocky than just that.

Or maybe the writers are just trading up for a New Bad Guy? I guess Peter Pan wrote the version of his story we know and love himself for the PR?

And in conclusion, I am glad there is Moar Baelfire stories to come. Also, Mulan/Aurora/Philip were great to see again.



May. 13th, 2013 08:07 pm (UTC)
OMG, that swing set scene was a bit WTF. He's almost 12. Who swings on a swing set like that when they're almost 12, except maybe to swing standing up and make rude remarks with your buddies? (Of course Henry does not appear to have any friends under age 20 so there's that).

The whole "you're lying to me" thing Henry was going through with Emma this season, as well as with Charming and Snow on occasion, was, to me, part of his growing up. To see that his heroes are flawed, and sometimes do selfish things, and sometimes lie, and sometimes do outright unheroic things. Like Snow tricking Regina into killing Cora - an understandable act, unless you're 11 and you've been looking at the world through black and white fairy tale lenses. Evil Queens and Good Princes and Princesses and clear lines between the two. Henry has had to face up to--and accept--that his elders aren't all good or all evil, and that's been hard for him, but necessary.

Yes, I'm sure you're right about Neverland. Dark Menace aside, I don't think they'll give us unrelenting dark, but I must admit, the Shadow stuff so far had been ominous indeed. Partly, I suppose, because so far we know so little about it.