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OUAT is back to being awesome...

...assuming, of course, that grown!Bae is not dead, ("it's just a flesh wound... in a land with magic") and I'm assuming that because Emma was so quick to conclude he was dead.

Love the Baelfire back story. And the creepy!Pan. Jury's still out on what role young Baelfire takes on in Neverland. Junior Pirate? Lost Boy? Kill the shadow and become Pan?

Back story on Tamara/Owen/Greg: potentially lame. I tossed around the idea of having scientific supernatural-killers in my own novel and rejected it as cliche. After the Initiative on BtVS, after (ugh) Being Human UK season 2, after the Hunter-Watchers on Highlander, after a hundred bad sci fi/fantasy novels, you need to not have Zealots Determined to Stamp Out Magic 'Cause It's All Ev0l. There needs to a more sophisticated way to do that storyline than Loony Zealots.

Here's hoping.

Sorry if I spoiled anyone. LJ cut was an iJ cut.



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May. 6th, 2013 04:40 am (UTC)
There needs to a more sophisticated way to do that storyline than Loony Zealots.

I'd probably do something like this:

Loony Zealots are actually being used by a second group, because of the obsessiveness they bring to the task of locating magical objects/people/etc. (One could put a political subtext onto this by noting how over the last few decades, the Republican party in the US actively recruited the extreme religious right to bolster their base and get more votes, even if they think many of the ones they recruited are wacko.)

Then there is a third group, working for the second, (and may or may not know of the second group's existence) who are true scientists. These people, when confronted by objective evidence of "magic" want to understand it. They assume that there are natural laws that govern how it work, that once understoood, make what appears to be magical actually fit into the way the rest of the known universe works.

(The Matrix worked along lines like this, for example)

The second group is only interested in power-- they don't care about the how, they just want what it can do. So they are using both the radicals and the scientists.

From that basic concept, I think I could go in a fair number of interesting directions.

May. 6th, 2013 04:18 pm (UTC)
That would work for me if that's what they're doing, but I doubt it will be particularly sophisticated. These groups most often aren't in TV land.
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