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31 Things

One of my New Year's resolutions was to clear out Stuff I Don't Need from my living space. To that end, I resolved to get rid of one thing (or set of things) every day this year.

So far, so good, although I suspect January is easy because there is more junk around at the beginning of such an exercise. One thing I noticed is I really didn't hunt down one thing per day. I gathered multiple things on more motivated days and distributed them forward for the coming week or two. The result is the same, though.

My January list does seem to be a colossal pile of junk, but I think that's the point here. Items were donated to Good Will, recycled, or, in one or two cases, trashed:

(1) a basket full of silk flowers and plants
(2) unopened, recently-purchased box of hot cocoa mix (donated to food bank)
(3) cable TV/DVR (livin' cable-free!)
(4) pill grinder
(5) pair of ankle boots
(6) travel soap dish
(7) pair of flats (shoes)
(8) stack of old video tapes
(9) small boxes
(10) tube of lipstick
(11) roll of drawing paper
(12) turtleneck shirt
(13) plastic drinking cup
(14) two bags of misc papers (for shredder)
(15) Book, Recipes From Gold Medal Wineries
(16) Small decorative fabric bag
(17) Case for glasses
(18) combination lock
(19) decorative metallic tissue paper
(20) shoulder strap with pinch hooks
(21) iPod battery pack
(22) plastic snack box
(23) plastic 3-oz travel bottles and pill container
(24) unopened jar of coconut body butter
(25) 1 issue of Phoenix House and Garden magazine, March 2008
(26) Pair of hiking boots
(27) Long-handled scrub brush
(28) Two home decorating ideas magazines
(29) 3 oversized hair scrunchies
(30) Sacred Path Cards book
(31) box of Styrofoam for art projects (given at request to sister-in-law)
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