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All the Masq News that's fit to print

(1) Sick again. Cold and sore throat. This autumn is kicking my @$$. OTOH, it's Autumn, hellsyeah. And winter will be here shortly. My favorite time of year, for multiples of reasons.

(2) Finally am getting the Sculptor to watch Merlin. I knew she'd love it from the moment I started watching. She loves it. However, she has made me promise to stop watching Season 5 so we can watch the end together for the first time. Sigh, now I have to tip-toe through the spoiler-tips and not play "This week's episode round-up."

(3) Xmas list accomplished: elder nephew, Mom, younger nephew and niece (apparently? Their mom buys gifts, I decide which one 'is from me', pay for it and wrap it. Works.) And Bro and SIL are getting a Major Gift so it's for both of them. Technically. Need to get a card for my sister and a couple dozen doo-hickies for the Sculptor.

(4) SIL wants the Sculptor and I to play Santa Claus with her Xmas eve, wrapping presents and getting all the gifts ready under their tree for morning. Okay, sounds like what Christmas is all about. HOWEVER, she is a night owl. I am not. No 2 AM finish lines for this auntie where I'm expected to be back there at 7 am all bright-eyed and coffee-carrying.

(5) I am working through PlotWriMo. It's already helped me realized that 60% of my story is (1) exposition (people explaining things to other people, usually while sitting around doing nothing else), or (2) flashbacks/memories that provide background to current events. I clearly need to focus on present-day action in my new draft: rising action and suspense, and pick through what exposition and background stuff can stay or go, and if it stays, in what form.


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Dec. 5th, 2012 05:19 am (UTC)
good luck with it all. That plotwrimo thing looks interesting
Dec. 5th, 2012 02:11 pm (UTC)
Its showing me some interesting (and frustrating) facts about my story. Lots of work to do.
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