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Something that's making me crazy

I have a hit counter on my LJ and DW that lets me know how many people are reading my J's, (more or less) where they are geographically located, and what page they visited. It's the same hit counter as I use for ATPoBtVS.com (I can't really tell who they are, unless they've left comments on either J logged in as themselves, which shows their ISP, assuming it's consistent across logins).

One thing I can do for ATPo is get a referring URL, if it's an actual link on that page. Doesn't work for LJ/DW, though, because of the frames, I think.

Anyway, I've been getting repeated hits to this entry since December:


I have to assume they are coming from someone who linked to me, and I want to say it's due to my spot-on analysis of the politics of Merlin ('cause who cares what TV shows Masq watched in 2011?), but there's no way to know.