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Import Blues

I am trying to create a writing blog that will contain my old LJ entries where I (1) talk about writing or story-telling or (2) books I read, but not have all the personal stuff from my LJ. I will then include a link to it in my new author platform website.

I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to do that. Exporting from LJ into an XML file is the easy part. I figured out how to do that. But the old blogger account I set up keeps crapping out on me for import.

I hesitate to create a wordpress blog if it ends up doing the same thing.

I also thought about creating a new paid LJ and or DW account and having the full content of my current LJ imported over, and then just delete the entries I don't want to be part of the writing blog. But seeing as they go back nine years, yikes. Of course, that'd be true even of XML downloads from LJ.

Any suggestions on a way to do this that will minimize the work involved? I'd like the comments to go with, so it looks like I've been blogging from that other platform for years.

ETA: I went ahead and gave WordPress a try. It imported my entire LJ and is now doing the comments. The most work I'll have to do is get rid of posts I don't want on there. That'll be a chore.