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Up the rabbit hole

I have been living in a tunnel these past few weeks. Srsly, my brane scares me sometimes. I can start in on a project and get so obsessed with it, I can't concentrate on anything else, nor do I want to. Work, relationships, writing, everything that happens everyday, just sort of gets pushed to the side so it falls right off the plate.

I have been working on my writing website. I found a do-it-yourself website builder, Squarespace.com, that lets you put together a website using a similar interface to the one DW and LJ have for creating individualized journals. And they have a pretty responsive support staff if you have questions not covered in the help section.

Each of their basic templates comes with a blog page and a contact form page, which is cool.

I decided at the end of March to take a two-week break from my new story, and that also roughly coincided with my 14-day trial with Squarespace. And then me being me, I wanted to do some things with my site Squarespace doesn't have among their "widgets" and started teaching myself DHTML, CSS, and Javascript. None of which I actually want to bother learning in any depth, but I winged it by modifying scripts I've found online. Looking for something that comes close to what I want in order to minimize the modifying I have to do has been frustrating, but so far I've figured it out. I knew this computer programming lark of mine would come in handy for actual Creative Stuff.

But shit, getting a little computer script to actually work and do the Cool Thing you want it to do just brings out the Obsessive Personality in me.

Same thing with creating cool graphics in Photoshop. I have spent Entire Days of that two-week period in Photoshop creating custom Website Widgets and banners and backgrounds. And my photoshop artiste-fu is teh suxx0rs.

But I told myself I had until the 15th to Not Write, and lookie, it's the 16th. So back to the story.


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Apr. 16th, 2012 05:01 pm (UTC)
My obessions like that tend to last no longer than two weeks. If the project takes longer than that it often gets put aside till the next time I get interested.
Apr. 16th, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)
I am struggling to shift gears today. But all my other recent pet projects? In forgotten piles in the garage, front bedroom, and hard drive.
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