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Making a list

I just realized I haven't posted at all since the 2nd when I was on the tail end of my Thanksgiving Merlin reviews. I am sort of wiped and burnt from NaNo and work. I have done very little writing since Nov 30th.

Plus, you know the Season is upon us. So I need to organize my gift-giving thoughts.

Bro - sprinkler. Seriously. He wants a special rotating eco-sprinkler for the little patch of Arizona desert he calls his backyard.
SIL - Renaissance Festival tickets for her and Nephew #2. They seemed to enjoy it last year.
Nephew#2 and Niece - My SIL went nuts in the Walmart kiddie clothes department on Black Friday, and now I have two 13-gallon trash bags of clothes to wrap up and tag "from Aunt Nancy".
Nephew #1 - Safeway gift card. Good gift for a young, struggling dad with a two-year-old, I figure, so now I get it for him every year.
Sculptor - various and sundry. Birthdays and Christmas seem to be excuses for shopping excess. So we exchanged Amazon wish lists. I have really, really tried to avoid buying those items on Amazon. 'Cause you know if you shop locally you can avoid the ten-day delivery wait. But sometimes you can't find something locally, and I will not go to ten stores looking for something. That's so 20th century.
Sister - a card. You know, we don't talk anymore.
Mom - also a card. She informed me a few weeks back that she and I would not exchange gifts this year, just pretend to. Not something you can really whine about.