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The Season 3 finale of Merlin....

...was excellent. Glad they are starting to solidify the familiar mythological elements, like the round table and the knights who sat around it, and Excalibur in the stone. Sometimes those monster-of-the-week/random persecuted magic-wielder of the week episodes make you wonder how long they will drag out the prequel stuff.

I did find Gaius' intervention in the battle between Morgause and Merlin a bit Deus ex machina (since when does he really have magic? Or magic powerful enough to go up against a sorceress like Morgause?

I am reading through [personal profile] selenak's reviews as I go along, trying to convince myself there is a logic to Morgana's characterization, but I'm still not quite convinced. Will have to go back and rewatch the entire series up to this point to see anything but an abrupt rebooting of the character in season 3.

One final thought that keeps bugging me: they talk over and over again about the "the Old Religion", but never actually explain what "the New Religion" is. Which will get a bit sticky if the Holy Grail ever becomes a plot point.
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The clerk at Walgreens gave me permission to go home and curl up under a blanket and read a good book. Guess I'll have to settle for curling up under a blanket at work and pretending to read my computer screen.



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Dec. 1st, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)
Well, if they were true to the times, the show would be *mired* in religion, and then unpalatable to audiences who tune in for magic and sorcery hijinks.

But yeah, a hint here or there like you describe on the show Camelot would be enough to satisfy me. This is so noticable in its absence, which as I say, is going to be a problem if they take the Arthur legend to its mythological conclusion.
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Dec. 1st, 2011 11:22 pm (UTC)
I think the absence of religion in Uther's war against magic is one of the most obvious places it sticks out. You want to burn some witches? Start thumping on some Bibles. Or whatever the 5th-century equivalent of that sort of behavior is.

Off to read your thinky-thoughts (beats work!)
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