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NaNoWriMo Day 27

New words: 2,708
Total words: 45,047
Goal: 50,000

45047 / 50000

I have been thinking about the plot of my novel a lot in the past few days, and reading some books with exercises for envisioning and tightening plot. One thing I realized as a result of this is that the scene I envision as the "climax" of the story doesn't even have the main character in it.


Well, truthfully, this story is a dual-foci story with two main characters. But the one character I envision as really being the more central of the two, she isn't in that scene. So either that scene (1) isn't the true climax of the story or (2) needs the main character in it somehow.

Analyzing plot structure is useful when you make discoveries like that, so now I am thinking of doing NaPlotWriMo in December.

I am not technically in the "revisions" stage of the novel, but I am a pretty unstructured writer as a rule (more right-brained than left-brained in writing, which is just weird considering that in the rest of my life, I am practically teetering over to my left side with left-brainedness), so I am thinking having something like a structure in mind is a useful exercise.

We'll see how well that works, given my success rate with "outlines".