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NaNoWriMo Day 9

New words: 719
Total words: 14,213
Goal: 50,000

14213 / 50000

Not as many words, but at least I got over 25% today, which keeps me on track. I kind of hit a wall the past couple days with regards to the way the story is going, struggling with this point of view vs. information revelation thing. I brainstormed it a little with the sculptor this evening. She tossed out a few dozen unworkable ideas. Then, when I described how I wished the story was more like a television show or a movie where the viewer is forced to stay in an external POV, she suggested I leave out the introspective parts, at least for NaNo.

That way, I can write any scene I want, regardless of which characters are in it, and how much that might give away if written in depth, and get a better idea of what I want to have actually happen in the story, and worry about coming up with a clever story-telling device for achieving the slow reveal later.

A productive day, I think. It isn't always about word count.