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What I'm watching

I was speculating with the Sculptor the other day about Ringer, and it occurred to me that I was watching new TV. From the beginning of the series. Even as recently as a year ago this time, I was still unwilling to commit to new network or cable shows. I still didn't trust TV execs not to cancel the show before it had found its footing, or cancel it before it was finished telling its story.

I preferred to wait and find out what my friends were watching, to see what they liked and didn't like, and to see what stayed on the air for a few years. And eventually, I'd pick up shows like Lost, True Blood, and Dexter as a late-comer. Once it was "safe."

But you know, I developed that distrust after the cancellation of Angel, which was seven years ago.

I guess this year, there was enough intriguing new stuff to lure me out of my shell. Ringer is one of them. Part of it is SMG, of course, but I also thought the premise sounded interesting. Ringer is a show I end up watching twice every week, because I seem to miss some of the little moments they drop during the first viewing, or I misinterpret them the first time (like why Siobhan kicked that guy out of her bed this past week, I thought it was sexual trauma of some sort, 'cause I missed what she did immediately after she shut the door on him, and just saw her freaked out sitting on the bed).

Other stuff I'm watching: Unforgettable, which has another very intriguing premise, plus Poppy Montgomery, who I liked a lot on Without A Trace and am liking quite a bit as a red head (although whoever dyes her eyebrows hasn't met enough red heads).

Criminal Minds, which seems back to its old self again finally.

CSI and CSI: Miami. The later I'm not sure why I watch, it's shallowness personified. The former is sort of a ghost of itself nowadays. Case in point is the new Ted Danson supervisor. Could he be a more *obvious* attempt to recapture the quirky eccentricity of Gil Grissom? I sort of like him despite the awkardness of that move. But I'm annoyed that Catherine Willows was demoted. After all these years, she should not be having to take orders on that team.

I figure I still watch CSI for the cotton-candy science that's part of those shows.

The Secret Circle, although I'm *this close* to bailing on that show. They really need to tone down the moony soap moments and character posturing and amp up the witch stuff. 'Cause I'm finding it difficult to care about any of these people.

And in the oldies-but-goodies department, I am about to settle in now for the premiere of Dexter season 6....



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Oct. 3rd, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
I waited until the second half of season 4 of Lost before i watched that show in real time. Probably Season 3 of Dexter.

But you know, I think I might be safe with these new shows. None of them seem worthy of the LOVE. And without the love, you suffer less from the pain of their loss.
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