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I was on the road last weekend and so didn't have the opportunity to check in on the writing.

Dis/inhibition: I have started folding my editor's corrections into the manuscript. She also had some really complex questions for me about my handling of race and subculture with my characters, questions I am doing my best to consider.

New story: I handed over chapter 1 of the story to the Sculptor to read a couple of weeks ago, and gave chapter 2 to her Wednesday morning, so I guess I'm on my way. She is reading mostly in a motivational/cheerleading capacity, and so far it does seem to be helping me keep working on this steadily, and dig a little deeper in each chapter as opposed to just spitting out a thin half-assed first draft as I have done in the past. Not that there's anything wrong with that approach--it's like writing and outlining at the same time; it helps you figure out what the story's about. But I wanted to go deeper in this story's first draft, and see where I can take it that might end up more interesting.

Currently in the midst of writing chapter 3.