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First sentence of the month meme

...Again becomes a catalog of this year's obsessions:

Jan: Health/weight loss: It's very strange to greet the new year without a "now I go on my six-month Gathering diet" resolution.

Feb: I have posted a poll over at the ATPo comm to vote on Gathering '10 dates.

Mar: This week's Criminal Minds was pretty good, but I couldn't help but notice with their admirable focus on the victims that they failed to explore the criminal minds of the criminals.

Apr: Now I remember why I didn't want a house where I had to do yard work.

May: I know I harp a bit too much on the subject of outlining vs. not, but I was reminded this past week of how addictive it can be for a left-brained INTJ-borderline-INTP such as myself to get sucked into the lure of planning things out and never getting to the actual, you know, thing itself.

Jun: ::Looks around:: Is it June yet? Oh, good. May was just...exhausting. I took the MasqMom in for hip surgery early on the morning of the 4th (no, the other hip)

Jul: I've written a bit about my brother not getting his contract renewed at his job as a history professor at Upper Iowa University.

Aug: God, if I can think of one good reason to nix LJ for a primary home on DW, it's the way LJ has been completely sluggish lately.

Sep: What exactly counts as "cross-posting" in the context of LJ's latest snafu?

Oct: So the plan for NaNo is to find, among everything I've written on this new story, from ideas to actual writing fragments, thirty blurbs that I find the most intriguing and use those as a prompt-per-day to generate writing.

Nov: New words: 1855

Dec: I haven't done one of these updates in a while, since I was updating daily during NaNo.