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NaNoWriMo Day 25

New words: 1,491
Total words: 45,390
Goal: 50,000

45390 / 50000

NaNo notes: So now I'm reading that we have to get our official word count done by midnight on the 30th? No writing in a manic fury and hitting the hay, then doing a leisurely word count on December 1st? 'Cause... ugh. I have written in here how non-linear my writing has been, bits and pieces, some which contradict others, some which I've already decided I don't want, but are legal for NaNo all in hundreds of separate files of ~100 words or so each. I have to combine all those without counting any twice or forgetting one of them into one big file I can cut and paste into their &^%$ word counter before midnight on Tuesday.

I see more fun on my T-day weekend agenda! ::collapses::