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NaNoWriMo Day 9

New words: 2,026
Total words: 18,409
Goal: 50,000

18409 / 50000

Quote-worthy snippet/Interesting words used: N/A

I did not write any actual story narrative today, but spent the day instead doing the big-picture stuff I indicated needing to do yesterday. That proved to be very productive, so, since the notes I wrote were written on my novel in November, I'm counting them.

It was productive because one of the problems I have been struggling for quite a while with this story is a lack of focus. Specifically, I have had four different characters all vying for the position of main character. I had tentatively decided to split the novel into a series of at least four books to give each of them a chance to tell his or her own story, but only one of them would get to be in the enviable position of main character of the first story. And that's important because the idea is to do a reveal of my "spirit being" characters through the point of view of a character who acts as a stand-in for the reader. And that can only happen once. After that, even if a main character is ignorant of the spirit being mythology, the reader (presumably) wouldn't be.

And as much as I wished I could write a single story from four points of view in which *all four* of the characters learn of these beings at the same time as the reader, that story would have been impossibly long, and unworkable plot-wise given the nature of each of their journeys.

I sort of already knew who the initial main character should be, but she was Boring Girl, and as we know, Boring Girl is boring. So I worked a bit today on ways to make her less boring, and brought in a second (less boring) of the characters vying for MC, whose story I am dying to tell, to be part of Less-Boring-Girl's plot/personal journey. Which then collapses two of the books I had thought to write into one and raises my interest more. There is still plenty of room in this story universe for sequels.
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