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NaNoWriMo Day 8

New words: 1,386
Total words: 16,383
Goal: 50,000

16383 / 50000

Quote-worthy snippet/Interesting words used: Too involved to post here, but I was amused to note today that anecdotes mentioned by both ann1962 and ladystarlightsj have found their way into my novel. So be careful what you say, flist: you, too, may be "absorbed."

nano notes: I've reached that point in the month where I have enough material and its random enough to wonder, "Is this going anywhere? And if it is, is it going somewhere that I'll like?" It's time to step back and do some big-picture stuff, even if it means the word count slips for a couple days, 'cause there's a morale factor at stake.
Tags: nanowrimo, writing
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