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Doing an original fiction project entry seems superfluous during NaNo, when I am making daily updates on my writing, but I don't want to get out of the habit. Obviously, NaNo is in full swing, and I seem to be doing all right with the word count progress. I mentioned the other day that having the constraint of "it's only for this month" has allowed me to be more experimental with my writing, under the assumption that I can deep-file it all at the end of the month if I want and return to what I had before. I honestly am hoping that won't be the case.

My story has been stymied for a while now by uninspired characters and ideas, and I want to shake some of that loose this month if I can. It helps having the freedom of no old novel that I'm working on simultaneously and no fan fiction WIP that I'm working on simultaneously.

"Shaking loose" some of my old ideas and finding new, more interesting ones is a challenge, but I did manage to figure out at least some of the problem with my antagonists after hashing out the issues with my flist yesterday.

So, onwards.....