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NaNoWriMo Day 2

New words: 3,032
Total words: 4,887
Goal: 50,000

4887 / 50000

Quote-worthy snippet:

...that moment, that when it happened, petrified you, left your heart pounding and forced your mind to step away to another place, because forever afterwards you would have to find some way to incorporate this reality into your world.

Interesting words used: ghosts, haunted. Had to use those words a lot to make it clear that's not what my story as about.

You may be a NaNo rebel if...

...you use words from pre-November 1st in your November word count. But see, sometimes strategic rebelling is okay if it meets the goals you set out to achieve prior to November 1st: so sez I! The background is this: I decided last night that what I really wanted to work on today was finding the theme I want my story to encapsulate, to really focus on what I wanted to say. And that is the goal of NaNo this year as a whole: to find my story in this muck of a mess I've been toying with for two years now.

I started doing that this morning by pulling out the story-prompts from among those I'd collected for NaNo that really seemed to hint at what I thought my theme was, and then using those as my prompts to write from. And what I found was that I'd be writing along, and I'd think, "Okay, you know what comes next here? That blah-blah-blah paragraph I already wrote." So I'd go find that blah-blah-blah paragraph and plunk it in there. And yeah, I didn't technically write that set of words in November, but now I know that that particular bit, among all the other crap I wrote previously, probably belongs in my novel, even if I eventually throw tons of other pre-November stuff out for not saying what I want to say.

And gawd knows I'm already borrowing liberally, from memory, from everything I've written over the past two years even as I type new words in this month of November. That's sort of inevitable given that I'm working on a work-already-in-progress.

There's plenty that's fresh and new today as well. And just to deal with my quibbles over this, I made sure that the total new, new words I wrote today were well over the minimum of 1,667.