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Skipped last weekend's update due to slumming in Sedona, but did work on the story in the days prior, and this week. In my last update, I mentioned wondering if my cache of old writing blurbs might contain some useful stuff that I could incorporate in my story, and so I spent a good week poking through it, dividing it between stuff that could recognizably fit one of my outline ideas, and stuff that might fit but I wasn't sure yet, and stuff that probably never could.

I further subdivided the stuff by which character it dealt with primarily--or could be altered to deal with. I mentioned way back that this story is a revamp of a story I started ten years ago but never finished, so many of the blurbs come from that story and deal with characters who have since fallen out of the current story all together. Not to mention that, in the two or so years I've been working on this story, I've changed the character line up a few times and have blurbs for new characters who have since fallen out as well. Other blurbs were written with an existing character in mind, but I've taken that character in a different direction, and stuff I wrote for them now fits a different character better with some alteration.

All this is a prelude to the actual work of this week and part of last, which was to start turning those blurbs into actual scenes that fit the current story-line and characters. I found this exercise productive in ways I hadn't anticipated. I think I am automatically more enthusiastic about the prospect and process of writing when I don't have a *&^%$ outline to follow. Even if my outline is just "a few jotted ideas about what happens next," I find myself procrastinating and fighting to get out every word, basically suffering from a lack of interest in whatever was on the agenda next.

But having a little blurb already written I could expand on was a much less daunting task than composing from scratch, and the randomness of the blurbs let me hop around to various points in my story ideas/outline, which upped the interest quotient quite a bit. And because I didn't feel this need to finish the scene I was on before moving on to the next scene as one does in a linear writing, I didn't feel overwhelmed by the task--I could leave something half-unwritten if something else was catching my interest and generating ideas.

But it was more than that. A little blurb that might work in a scene I wasn't planning to write for weeks or written from the point of view of a different character actually helped me generate ideas for those scenes, helped me fill story holes I would have had to fill in at some point anyway but was able to fill in now. And that made me feel like I wasn't just procrastinating "getting back to writing the actual story", that I was writing it then and there.

I may be a left-brained thinker primarily, but apparently I'm not a particularly linear one in my most creative moments.