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I'm on vacation this weekend, I wasn't last weekend. And yet I totally forgot to do this update last week. I even had a few things to report in about. Guess I just got distracted. The past couple weeks, I've set aside my project of reworking my older material and adding new scenes in that material to step back again and look at my pot of ideas generated a month or so back. I thought I had reached a point where I'd done all the filling in necessary and could start moving forward again with the story.

Turns out that's not technically true--I think there is additional filling in to do before I can really move forward with surer steps. It's just that most of it isn't the sort of material that's going to end up in the final draft. It's world-building, it's character-building, and it's necessary busy-work. I suppose some people do this work in outlines, lists, or notes of some kind. I do it by writing what happened in fictional prose.

The trick will be knowing what to take out as I work on subsequent drafts. I suspect in the case of my old story I didn't take out enough* of that background material, and it just ended up being too long.

The pile of story ideas I returned to was kind of a mess. I think I left it a mess so it wouldn't resemble an "outline" in anyway, just a jumble of ideas. But it was a little too jumbled to pull "what's going to happen next" from it. So I've been sorting through it. Figuring out what I will write when I get back to the writing part.

* Although, I'd like to argue I just *can't* take out enough