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Have you ever had one of those weekends that turned out to be pretty productive even though you didn't plan for it to be? Which is nice, but exhausting. It started out distractingly enough. Drinks with some colleagues from work to celebrate the birthday of one of my nicer co-workers (hence me actually attending). Also, there was birthday cake earlier in the day. ::Ptui:: We shall speak of it no more! Drinks were supposed to take place on Mill Avenue in Tempe so said colleague could make cat-calls at college boys in celebration of her 49th year, but we ended up in east Mesa. Which meant I was sort of obligated to run a few errands for the mom, who is now in a rehab facility in that area.

Mom flat on her back rehabilitating from hip surgery meant no breakfast with her Saturday morning. So instead, I finished polish-editing the two chapters of my old novel I had wanted to complete by this week and worked on my long-neglected library cabinet doors. Those of you following the saga of my home improvements might recall how I had these classic-looking oak bookshelves custom built by a carpenter two years ago. When he came to install the final shelves, he discovered the cabinet doors he'd cut were too big, and we decided he'd take them back to his workshop, cut them down, and return to install them, along with one remaining piece of crown molding along the top of another bookcase. I made the (in retrospect) mistake of paying him in full that evening, and that was the last I saw of him, despite repeated nagging emails. I did the last of the staining and poly-urethaning of the shelves myself, and then took the measurements for the cabinets and had some doors cut myself at Home Depot. But adding the hinge hardware proved a little challenging for me, because I needed the sorts of hinges that are embedded in the doors themselves, and I just didn't have the tools and know-how to do that at the time. And trying to add that last bit of crown molding was even more challenging, since it needed to be cut at an oblique angle that was not only beyond my tools, but was hard to wrap my spatial orientation brain cells around.

So I sanded down the doors to size, slathered on stain, and just shoved them in place without hardware of any kind (including door pulls) and just lived with them falling out from time to time, and that missing piece of crown molding, for two years. Well, this Spring I was determined to bring that era to an an end. Because now? I Can Haz Dremmel! I dremmeled hinge holes in the doors this weekend and last, stripped and restained the cabinet doors (so they look like real wood!), installed them on the shelves, and polyurethaned them. All that's left now for that is to add the pulls to two of the doors (the other pair c'est fin). Then it's onto the crown molding. When I was installing curtains in my library nook, I accidentally pulled down another piece of molding which also needs to be put back in place.

Saturday afternoon, I finally, FINALLY was able to get my handyman guy over to put my bedroom bifold closet door back on track and re-install the floating shelves in the living room I had accidentally knocked down. Now they are reinforced as well, which is good, because they have been a bit saggy since I moved in there. I swear handyman and handyman, jr. got that bifold door back on its track in ten minutes flat. Which was ::boggling:: because I tried for hours, with a friend helping me, and couldn't get the damn thing back in place.

Which just goes to show you that DIY can only take you so far. Sometimes, you just need to spend a buck and let the experts have at it. They took a little while longer getting the floating shelves back in place, but they were there and gone in less than an hour, which enabled me to segue right into my more relaxing evening plans. Which themselves were only interrupted by repeated phone calls from the mom listing things she needed me to bring with me on Sunday when I came to call.

But, because I am super-woman, I did indeed pay the mom an extended Mother's Day visit in the rehab place Sunday morning, with all her required items in tow. She also wanted to check her email and bank accounts, so I brought my work laptop over for her to use.

Also on Sunday, I managed to find my way back into my new story, which had sort of stalled out at the end of last week.

And now I am tired.