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Original fiction project - week of 04/25/2010

I know I harp a bit too much on the subject of outlining vs. not, but I was reminded this past week of how addictive it can be for a left-brained INTJ-borderline-INTP such as myself to get sucked into the lure of planning things out and never getting to the actual, you know, thing itself. I am notoriously bad with making detailed to-do lists I never actual follow through on, setting goals for myself and planning out exactly how I will meet them and spending hours and hours in careful, systematic breakdowns of such tasks that serve no purpose because when, and if, I actually do the thing itself, it's not by The Plan.

I have spent several weeks now "big-picturing"--stepping back from my story and asking myself what I know about the characters now, what I want for them, how it might unfold. And I've been enjoying the process so much, it has started to become the work itself. Which it's not. A little backstory here on me and My Issues: I've wanted to write since I was about eleven years old. But I did not get more than a page or two into any story until, at age 29, I put aside All Pre-planning and just wrote. Just wrote and wrote and let the story go whereever it went.

That particular story is a clean, tightly-woven completed novel now, if I ever get the guts to send it out into the world.

So back to the writing already. I sort of have a plan for that. We'll see how it goes.
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