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Things that make me grumpy

* I became a Lifetime member at Weight Watchers a month ago (monthly weigh-in only, no dues if within 2 pounds of goal), so now I'm due for my monthly weigh in, and the weight that for four weeks was hovering 1.5 pounds below goal is now, suddenly, a pound *over* goal, and has been both times I stepped on my scale this week (Tuesday and Friday). And to make things worse, I always weigh more on the WW scale than I do at home. How much more varies. Could be half a pound, could be a pound and a half more.

Well, gotta weigh in tomorrow and take my lumps, no use pushing it off (even though my WW meeting is on the other side of town where my mom lives and I'm not meeting her for breakfast or anything because she has a church event.)

* The handy man hasn't gotten back to me yet. One of my bedroom bifold doors got knocked off its track, and damned if me, and then a friend and me working together, could not get that thing back in place properly after an hour of labor both times. Oh, and I knocked one of the floating shelves off the wall in the living room with my new dining room rug (it tipped over, rolled up and bound). And the shelf below the fallen one is sagging a bit and needs to be reinforced.

* Dreamwidth sent me a reminder two days ago that my paid subscription was due to expire "In three days." I was all set to renew it whenever it expired, la-dee-dah, but the sudden, casual "oh, by the way, you have three days...." annoyed the &^%$ out of me. Did they send me a reminder earlier than that? I don't honestly remember. I don't think so. I probably will renew it sometime today, but I'll be grumpy about it.