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Okay, just something I need to get off my chest because it's really bugging me. SB1070 is a vaguely-written, short-sighted, and, frankly, unconstitutional measure that deserves to be challenged and removed from the books. But I don't think the way to react to this is to shake your fist at or boycott the entire state of Arizona. Because there are a lot of good people here who are very angry about it and already grouping to fight it. And they don't deserve to get thrown under a bus for what the legislators have done. This wasn't some public referendum that was passed by a majority of voters (and now that I recall, no one I know blamed the entire state of California for Proposition 8, which was a public referendum, nor suggested boycotting the Golden State because of it).

I am not going to say absurd things such as "those suggesting a boycott of the entire state are as guilty of 'profiling' as this law seems to be," because I know they are angry and their hearts are in the right place. But the only people who are going to suffer from a boycott are the people whose livelihoods depend on tourist dollars, which includes, at many of our state parks, a large number of indigenous folks, who may also find themselves nuisanced by this law.

Any loss of tourism dollars that occurs as a result of a boycott will blamed by the legislators on the economy, and will be utterly lost on them. And it will give the dishonorable governor an excuse to put through a budget-cutting measure she's been pushing for, which is the closure of our state parks.

I believe the best way to deal with this is through supporting the legal challenges that are already in the works. You will each have to do as your conscience dictates.
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