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Lost thoughts

I am no longer in the habit of making predictions about my fandomy shows/books/etc, because such things rapidly become mootsville when the episodes air/book comes out/etc and I am often wrong. But I had a kind of a thought re: season 6 of Lost.

Some of my fellow Losties have spent time recently debating which world is better, the Primeverse where the 815 folks are on the island, or the Altverse where the plane landed safely in L.A. It occurred to me rewatching this week's episode that it really depends on the character. For characters like Sayid, the Altverse is decidedly better. His true love is still alive and he's not in a zombie-like state. It also seems better for Jack, who is doing well in his job and has a son. Ben is also much better off there, because he has a purpose, and a good relationship with the people in his life he wronged in the Primeverse.

But the Altverse is not better for other characters. Sun and Jin, for example, are better off in the Primeverse where they are happily married and have a beautiful daughter, as opposed to the Altverse, where Sun's father is trying to kill Jin for touching her, and a pregnant Sun has just been hit by a stray bullet and may (I suspect) probably lose the baby.

Then there are folks like Kate and Sawyer who are doing well in the Altverse but have managed to work through their issues in the Primeverse, and so might do well in either. And actually, I would argue Sawyer is better off in the Primeverse *because* he's worked through his childhood trauma, which he has yet to do in the Altverse (and I see him headed down a dark road there).

All this is a prelude to saying I think the "war" that is coming up is going to be fought over which history is going to be the official one, because I don't think they can continue to coexist. Our characters are becoming aware of the existence of the 'verse they are not living in, and pinning their hopes on being in it or not in it depending on how their lives are where they live now. Daniel and Charlie in the Altverse, for example, are aware of the Primeverse, and think it is somehow better, completely unaware that they are in fact dead there now. Jack would probably jump at the chance to live in the Altverse, because he was the one who wanted it the most in season 5.

And we know there is going to be a war, because Jacob and Smokey are beating their chests and declaring it. But like most of the other Losties on my flist, I don't particularly care about those two one way or another. I am invested in the lives of the ordinary people on the island. And most of them have something to lose or gain personally from the existence of one 'verse or the other (except, perhaps, our eternal constant, Desmond, who may end up having Penny either way, and has a trade of which Charles in his life he'd rather preserve). It comes down to a war of conflicting self-interests, not good or evil, which is probably what war is all about anyway.



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Apr. 12th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
I would say that the only people who are definitely worse off in the alt-verse are Rose and Bernard, because they seemed pretty happy when last we saw them in 1977 and alt Rose confirmed that she was indeed dying (though she seemed to be at peace with it). Sun and Jin in the primeverse had an unhappy marriage, a brief happy time on the island and then four years of separation. Unless Sun dies in the alt-verse I'd wager they have as good a chance at happiness as their prime counterparts.

The real strike against the primeverse is the sheer amount of dead people. As far as we've seen there just isn't the same body count in the alt.
Apr. 12th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
What if the war of self-interest is between Altversers who are fighting for primacy of the Primeverse vs. Primeversers who are fighting for the primacy of the Altverse? That would be a whacky state of affairs.
Apr. 12th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
I love these thoughts! It makes a lot of sense to me. I agree that one verse has not proven to be ultimately better for all the characters.
Apr. 12th, 2010 11:48 pm (UTC)
I guess what I don't want to see is the writer short-cut of undoing everything they've done in the last six years and going with the Altverse while overwriting the Primeverse. It's one thing to explore who these people would be under other circumstances because it helps us understand who they are in the world we've known. It's another to make all the growth we've witnessed go away in favor of growth we've seen very little of.

I'm not dismissing the number of people who are now dead as irrelevant, but I think the writers are more concerned with those still alive in the Primeverse, and that next week we may see Hurley standing in for the viewer (as he always has with his "What? Someone please explain that to me.") coming to terms with the death of those who have passed.
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