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This entry marks approximately two months since I started actually writing the new story. My current word count is at 17,971. Not that word counts are important. My job at the moment is not to write as many words possible, but, if I like an idea, to make sure I get it at least remotely right in the words I do write. It's every first draft's sovereign right to be crap, but if I get lazy just to get something on the page and plunge on, the story is going to veer off course fairly quickly, and nothing will sink it faster, in my experience. So now it can be crap in the right ballpark instead of crap halfway across town from what I actually wanted to say.

I guess that's the ultimate criterion of whether I've written well--that I discover what I want to say and actually say it. Without an outline, there's no other criterion for writing it "right."

In my experience, it is entirely possible to spill thousands of words on the page and then look at it and think, "What is this crap? I don't know where I'm going with this," and set it aside in the permanent round-file folder on your hard drive where it can collect virtual cobwebs. And I don't want that to happen.