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The secret...is layers

Sometimes I really over-do it on the weekends, since that's the only large blocks of free time I have. I undertake multiple projects, expecting to somehow get to all of them and get them done. And then I crawl in here on Monday morning still expecting to be fresh for work.


Anyway, the art framing projects started wrapping up this weekend. I got three pictures actually hung. One frame is too small for the space it's in. Another is too gaudy, I think, and the third came out quite well. That was the guest bath and front hallway. The two pictures ready for hanging in the master bath didn't get hung because I wanted to tackle the paint touch-ups I've been procrastinating for two weeks. Oh, make that three weeks. Which I did tackle. I got most of them finished. But I didn't even start the master bath paint touch-ups until Sunday afternoon.

Some of the weekend was spent getting back into TD. I'm writing 218 and 219 simultaneously, so they'll have the continuity they need. I'm not finished the first draft of either. Final episodes are hard, because there's a lot of ground to cover wrapping up loose threads (or some mixed metaphor like that). Anyway, when I was writing 217 I discovered that the only way to remember everything that needed to get in there was to make multiple passes through the episode, concentrating on and detailing only one character at a time. Or sometimes, concentrating on a single MacGuffin, making sure the details about the object or concept unfolded correctly from scene to scene. Then I'd pass through again filling in details from another character or object or whatever.

So that's how I'm doing it this time as well. Layering.

When something is complicated, it's a good way to go.

The big distracting project for the weekend was this frame I'm creating for my Celtic wall hanging. I got the lumber guy at Home Depot to cut a 2x3 sheet of very thin plywood for me. Then I went to the grocery store and found an inexpensive meat tenderizer and distressed the plywood. I think I overdid the little holes, though, which, it turns out, show up even more obviously after layering first black, then bronze, and finally gold paint on top of them. I had Googled pictures of "distressed metal" trying to get an idea of the look I was shooting for, but getting that look has ended up being a long weekend of one experiment after the other, from sponges to spackle to dripping paint Jackson Pollock-style to dry brush dabbing. You name it, I tried it. Layer upon layer.

I felt very Artistic by mid weekend. Although I must say, if I'm going to put that much time and energy and creative thought into a piece, I'd much rather prefer it be a novel.


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Sep. 22nd, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
good luck with it all
Sep. 22nd, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)

Nose --> Grindstone
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