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Various and sundry update

I am not quite sure that reading before bedtime is the best plan. I'm reading a good book, and it tempts me to stay up for "just another chapter" and that's deadly deadly for the insomniac. You don't want to associate lying in bed with struggling to stay awake.

At any rate:

55/419    13.13%

In other news, I am working diligently on TD 217. Haven't finished the first draft yet, but it is always the most time-consuming, since that's basically writing the episode and every other draft is editing. And the last couple eps of the season are killer, anyway, because you have to wrap up the loose ends and it's fairly tightly plotted without a lot of room for filler.

Um, anything else? TGIF.

ETA: LJ thinks I'm in Glendale. I am not in Glendale.
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