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So, yeah, I have this knee brace

And it is frickin' huge. I wore it back to work yesterday after my fitting (I wore loose slacks yesterday on purpose for that), and it wasn't too horribly uncomfortable, I could even cross my legs and walk around with it and it got to the point where it was bending with me, at least after a fashion.

Not the kind of thing you'd want to wear as a fashion accessory, it's way too bulky, but I thought, I could probably use this during exercise and other places I knew in advance my knee would be strained.

So I wore it this morning during my daily walk, and the weirdest thing happened. I'm walking, and I could hear something popping. You know, that kind of hearing where you're hearing the inside of your own body and it's half-hearing, half-feeling? I couldn't localize where it was happening, though, I want to say it was the hip joint of my other leg, like wearing the brace was forcing my other leg to compensate in some way I don't know what or why. Pop, pop, pop, with every right step.


ETA: Apparently, my hip is popping even without the brace. But I swear it wasn't doing it yesterday, or the day before, or the day before....



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May. 28th, 2009 07:16 pm (UTC)
Sometimes, my ankle pops while I walk. No real reason, just does it.

It's not uncomfortable for me, just... weird. I'm sure you can relate.
May. 28th, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
Quite weird. But in my case, a little worrisome since it just started today, the day after I got the brace. I'll have to keep wearing it and see if it continues. It doesn't feel like anything bad, but it's annoying and makes me think of all the hip surgeries my mother has had....
May. 28th, 2009 11:24 pm (UTC)
The popping itself is probably joint fluid moving around, and is harmless, however, the fact that it just started doing this could be pointing out a change in the way you're walking or otherwise moving since acquiring the knee brace, and that could indicate trouble. Or it could indicate that the brace is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing, and correcting a long-standing bad habit. A sports therapist might be the best person to consult on that one. Or a good racehorse trainer, but I suspect that would be less convenient. Anyway, someone with a very good eye for detail and a working knowledge of kinesiology.
May. 28th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
I'll say what I always say: call your doctor & ask about it. Maybe it needs to be fitted a little more precisely? Anyway, it's always better to know. Hope the pop stops, with or without an adjustment!
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