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Not a lot to talk about this week. I continued doing my morning pages, and they were mostly stream-of-consciousness fictional prose in a character POV rather than meta about my story (2,068 words). I went through the other blurbs I've written in my previous morning pages and pulled out interesting elements I wanted to expand on and turned those into a list of prompts that I look at each morning and pick from to spark that morning's pages. Doing the morning pages is proving very useful to me because it literally takes ten minutes a day and I sometimes have moments where new and interesting ideas occur to me, so that ten minutes can be productive, too, while the rest of my day is taken up by the ten bazillion other things I need to do.

Of course, as mentioned, I have been spending some time looking at my old novel, Dis/inhibition. That started because I have some new friends curious about my writing, and it's the only semi-polished piece I have, so I let them read that when they ask to read something. Then they tell me, "hey, this is good, you should publish this," and of course that makes me think I should clean it up.

But not until TD is finished. I worked nightly this week on the first draft of TD 216. Once I have a full draft, it's a matter of a couple weeks to get it to postable form. It's getting that first draft written that always takes the most time.