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An interesting thing happened yesterday

After discovering to my surprise that it is actually not possible to cancel your Amazon membership by their do-it-yourself electronic links, I proceeded to remove my credit card information, shopping list (where I had all the books my SIL sent me as gift possibilities for my niece and nephew) and my Wishlist.

Honestly, I'm not a big political action person, I like to wait and see if something is real before making any major moves, and yesterday was no different. I wasn't really doing any of this to make a statement to Amazon (well, maybe a little).

I just started doing it, and experienced this odd kind of relief that had nothing to do with politics or anger. It had everything to do with cutting the purse strings of internet spending. I don't think I even realized how having my credit card information stored in some business's computer and having a list of items I was thinking of buying from them stored there as well felt like a heavy weight on me. I loathe feeling like I am obligated to buy anything from anyone, and would really prefer to do my on-line shopping in one-time transactions that are erased as soon as I get my purchase and they get their money.

I'm not going to stop internet shopping. It's too damned convenient and I'm too damned lazy. But I just don't feel like having accounts with any of them anymore.

ETA: I also changed my email in my personal information to a fake email address, and now I can't log back into my account. LOL!